Secrets of the Job Hunt


Monday, October 15, 2007

Freelance Jobs Online

Finding a job on the Internet is a hectic thing. That is until you know how a proper job search works. With millions of websites online, this can be a very time consuming process.

If you just type in freelance jobs, on a search engine, you get millions and millions of pages. But, if you type “freelance writing jobs” in quotes, you narrow it down considerably, and chances are you are actually finding jobs now instead of sites that just have the word “job” in them.

Of course, half the fun is filtering through all the garbage to find the good stuff.

Some great places to check are Workopolis and Monster. These two are both online job banks that feature full time jobs to entry level jobs to freelancing gigs. You can trust that the jobs you find on here are legit and honest. They also allow you to search by country, region, city, and job position. These two sites are the ones most used by employers for business related jobs.

If you are looking for freelance writing jobs you can check out, or These sites do cost a fee, either for membership or bidding on jobs. So if you are low on cash I don’t recommend using these.

Another place is on Facebook's Marketplace. You will find local jobs, to online freelance ones. MySpace also has a classifieds that you can check. I would be careful about these because anyone can post to these, so you really have to check to make sure it’s an actual job and not something else.

The number one place to find jobs online I believe is Craigslist. This online classifieds displays different cities and countries, so you can search regionally for full time jobs, or freelance jobs. Plus it’s free for people to post to and search. I also find that not a lot of people know about this site, so you’ll have a better chance, because it’s not as big of a market responding to the positions.

Whatever way you choose to find jobs online, just make sure it is an actual job and that it doesn’t cost you anything. No job should be asking for money up front, if it does than you know there is something funny going on.

And always apply to the job in the manner that they state. So if they say no phone calls, they really mean no phone calls. In today’s market there are so many jobs out there, as long as you know the basic sites to check you should never have problems finding jobs online.


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