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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

10 to 14 Jobs

When I was researching my job hunting book a few years ago, the average job seeker could expect to hold 7 to 10 jobs by the time they were 38 years old. So far, for me, that stat has proven to be true as I enter my thirty-eigth year on earth. Here's a list of the jobs I've held since graduating in 1992.

1. Sales Assistant
2. Database Support Associate
3. Client Service Specialist
4. Tech Support Rep
5. Web Author
6. Web Developer
7. Information Architect
8. Webmaster/blogger

The most recent findings on this statistic according the Bureau of Labor Statistics is that today's college graduates can expect to have 10-14 jobs by time they hit 38. Thats a pretty wide variety in what is now a very transient job market. Loyalty to employers is gone. It has been replaced by job hopping and free agency. Fact is, it's the new way to get ahead and boost your paycheck.


Dave Walker said...

Wow, that seems like a lot of jobs, but I suppose I have had at least that many at age 39.

My current job title is very vague ("Digital Provocateur"; I love the "Provocateur" part...) and my duties cover a very wide range of tasks and skills. Because I have to know marketing (traditional, search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc.), web design, project management, etc. etc., do I have several jobs?

Moving around is fine, but the real key to success is learning, learning and learning. These days, if you stop learning, you will get run over by the guy coming up fast behind you.

Coletha Browning, MBA said...

I agree regarding having as many jobs by 38 or 39. I too have had to move around in order to get promoted. On the other hand, life long learning really is an important part of remaining successful. Although, there is a shift from employee-employer loyalty the same holds true the other way around. I have learned when it becomes necessary to "right-size" an organization's workforce it's done based on what's best for the employer, not the employees. I do believe that it is important to be careful regarding job hopping. Too many jobs in a short period of time shows that you may be someone that cannot commit. That can say to a potential employer hiring this individual may be costly in the long run, considering this person has the potential to leave with projects unfinished wasting time and resources. At the same time I agree that you have to be true to yourself, and find the proper balance in terms of when and why making a change would be necessary or beneficial, because really if your not looking out for yourself who else will.