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Friday, September 14, 2007

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Secrets of the Job Hunt blog is one of the top career advice blogs on the internet recording almost 10,000 unique visitors each month. In fact, our career podcasts are listed in the Top 20 on iTunes for that category.

To contact Chris Russell:

Email: info [at]

Phone: 800-399-6651 x101

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Story Angles: Chris Russell can speak to a variety of career topics including:

- Online Job Hunting

- Resume Writing

- Interviewing

- Career advice for the 21st century

- Online job boards & career websites

- Recruiting & recruitment advertising

Past quotes/appearances:

Secrets of the Job Hunt blog is syndicated on several web sites including and Spherion Career Blog.

He has also been quoted in several news publications including:

  • Balancing Work and Life: Running a Home-Based Business

  • What Job Hunters Should Know
    About Online Recruitment Videos

  • Jobs in Pods founder featured on Total Picture Radio (audio)

  • CM Russell Discusses CHIMBY on Total Picture Radio (audio)

  • County by county, job-search Web site expands (Ffld Cty Bus Jrnl)

  • Hire Ground: Online Job Search Sites Clicking With Employers, Job Seekers (Business West)

  • More Best Practices for Online Recruiting (PDF file)

  • Local Web sites keep job seekers posted (WCBJ)

  • Sales, retail, accounting jobs in demand (WCBJ)

  • Online classifieds attracting job seekers (WCBJ)

  • Job Boards: The Niche is the Thing (BNH)

  • Best practices for online recruiting success (FCBJ)

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