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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Asking the right interview questions

Asking the right questions to your prospective employer will show him or her that you are serious in you efforts to work for their company, and that you are an organized individual. You should steer clear of asking any personal questions or any questions that are not directly job related. Here are some questions that you should ask your prospective employer:

1) Why is this position available right now?
2) How many times has this position been filled in the past 5 years?
3) What should the new person do differently from the last person?
4) What would you most like to see done in the next 6 months?
5) What are the most difficult problems that this jobs entails?
6) How much freedom do I have in the decision making process?
7) What are my options for advancement?
8) How has this company succeeded in the past?
9) What changes do you envision in near future for this company?
10) What do you think constitutes success in this job?

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crabshk said...

wow, these are all great questions. it's intimidating sometimes if you're the one being asked the questions all the time.