Secrets of the Job Hunt


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Job Search Tools alert

Here's a few new tools I've uncovered for your job search.

1) Dan Schawbel just launched the Personal Branding Magazine.

2) TalkingCV: online personal profile consisting of video, audio and text.

3) Amiko: new online resume generator. Easy to use, drag & drop capabilities.


Dan Schawbel said...

Chris thanks for this. If your interested in writing for issue 2, please feel free to email me.

Abhishek Rajpurohit said...

thanks chris, for sharing this info.

i wished to add that users can even hack google to search for their job smartly ;) . A vital(yet, free) tool for every job hunter, ..

Catch up with more details in the original article :

with so many job openings info scattered across so many websites, job search tools are becoming a necessity !!