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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Local Job Hunting with DAYLO

Gotta love folks who work out of a basement and launch a service to connect service providers (aka...copywriters, designers, photography, handyman, etc.) with the local people who need them.

Thats what DAYLO does.

We are six friends working out of a basement in Brooklyn, albeit a well-lit basement with a pleasant overgrown garden, home to about a dozen mostly friendly cats —mostly.

We built Daylo to provide you with a better way to showcase and offer your skills and talents within your community, and, in turn, enable you to make local connections with other people who can meet your needs. We hope Daylo will empower people —everywhere— to earn a living doing what they love.
It's not a job board in the traditional sense. But its a great site, well thought out and easy to use. If you run your own local business or freelance and need local clients, it's the way to go. Take their tour.

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