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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Job Jabber

I dont know if we need more of these job ranting sites but here's another one called Job Jabber. Several others already exist. It's got a nice design to it, maybe it will catch on.

"Job Jabber was born out of the idea that working people can always use a little support. Who better to support working people than other working people? That's exactly what this site is for. Job Jabber makes it possible for people to find other employees within their company and to connect with them. It makes it possible for employees to vent about their employers or co-workers, completely anonymously! It makes it possible for job seekers to find out ahead of time just what they might be getting into when applying for a certain job. Want to reconnect with co-workers from a past job? You can do that here too."

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JibberJobber Guy said...

Interesting name... reminds me of something I've heard of before... hmmmmmm

Jason Alba
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