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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Help Wanted: Blogger Intern

Are you a college student looking for a cool summer gig? Well look no further, I need a Blogger assistant for about 6 weeks.

Wanted: Web savvy 'techie' guy/gal who wants to earn some cash for those back-to-school sales coming next month. In this project oriented role you will assist me with my various blogs doing research, link building and the occasional blog post.

Compensation: you will be paid on a project by project basis. Opportunity exists for earning between $500-$1000 during this time depending on your ability. You will be paid via Paypal.

How to apply: First of all, DON'T SEND ME A RESUME!

Instead, all applicants must create a blog on their own using blogger, wordpress or another blog provider of your choice. On that blog you should post answers to the following 3 questions;

  1. Who are you?
  2. What motivates you?
  3. Why should I hire you?
Then when you're ready send me the URL of your blog. Deadline for 'applications' is July 17th.

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