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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jobcentre Plus' UK Employment Report

Finding the right employee to fill an office's empty desks has never been an easy task. When looking for new workers one has to consider an educational background check, their particular talents, and what kind of personality will mesh well with the existing company culture. In the past companies were limited to the small pool of job seekers in their direct sphere of operation. This severely limited the available talent.

The solution to this problem was Internet recruiting. Through the use of the web, employers are able to reach a larger group of job seekers in a shorter amount of time. Online recruitment is becoming increasingly popular.

According to a recent survey taken by Jobcentre Plus, more United Kingdom employers plan to use the web to list office place vacancies this year than ever before. The annual survey polled over 4,500 British companies and found that more than a fourth of them were hoping to hire new employees in 2007, many of which have or plan to list their vacancies online. The number of available London, England jobs listed on the internet has increased to 16 percent from 12 percent in 2004. One out of eight employers polled said that they have posted a job listing with in the last twelve months.

Employers aren't the only ones turning to the web for career related issues and filling jobs in London. Individuals in the United Kingdom are now much more likely to use a job related search engine than ever before when seeking new employment. According to a recent Jobcentre Plus press release, the website ( “experienced a record 6.6 million job searches conducted by nearly 2.2 million online job seekers.”

Many individuals find that searching for a new place of employment online is much more convenient than other options. With the internet one is able to find more job listings in a shorter amount of time. By using the web one is also less to one's immediate location. Those who desire a change of scenery are able to find a position in another city or even country with less effort than ever before.

Over the next several years, the number of available positions advertised on the internet will only increase. This method of recruitment is not only simple and convenient for job seekers, but also for employers. By posting job listings online, many UK business are finding that it takes less time than ever before to find the right talent to complement their existing workforce.


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