Secrets of the Job Hunt


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finding Jobs Online

Finding a desirable job can be almost as difficult as finding a mate. One spends countless hours searching for the right one. Then, after much internal conflict over whether or not they are suited for the position, they decide to send in their resume.

This is followed by the nerve racking ordeal of waiting to see if the company one has inquired about will call them back. Then when the hiring manager finally contacts them for an interview many people can't seem to decided on the perfect outfit.

Knowing exactly what is wanted from a career and where to find it makes a huge difference. The first thing anyone knee-deep in a job search should do is sit down and write a list of traits that their perfect job would provide. Afterwards, one should itemize the list in order of priority. Once the list is in order, the search for the perfect job can begin.

For job seekers everywhere the Internet provides the most listings for the least amount of time. Nationally known job search sites are a good place to begin. With the number of postings available, it can sometimes be difficult to weed through them all. Sometimes people get lucky and find the perfect position simply by typing in a keyword. Other times that leaves one with more listings then there is time to read through. Using the advanced search option is extremely helpful in these situations. Many sites are designed to make it easier to find a job based on level of education and salary. This cuts down on the time spent searching through minimum wage and entry level jobs.

Once a promising position is located, one should use their list to make sure that it provides several of the things they desired from a job. Cross checking this with ones talents and credentials can eliminate having their resume tossed into the trash can.

If one is unable to find a desirable position through a major job search website, they are not out of options. Going to the web page of their local paper and clicking on the link to area jobs will often produce listings that are not on such sites as Many local papers have designed their websites to pull postings from multiple sources including position usually only found in the paper and a variety of different internet sites.

One should also keep in mind any company in their area that they would enjoy working for. Often open positions can be found through a businesses website that may not be listed in other places.

Another option is searching for area temp agencies. Many of these list their available positions on their websites. One may still have to go in for an interview with the agency, but by searching their homepage prior to contacting them one can get an idea of the positions they specialize in and what is available at the time. This makes it easier to avoid to being told that there is nothing open in the industry one specializes in.

When looking for a job online is important to remember that a variety of sites exist to assist individuals in search. Using more than one web page inc

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