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Thursday, July 19, 2007

eBossWatch, or why people quit their jobs

There's an old saying in recruitment circles: People quit their boss, not their job.

According to their site:

eBossWatch was created so that you can rate your boss and warn others about hostile working environments, because nobody should have to work with a jerk.

I tried to search for some reviews but you need to know a name or company. Would have been more fun to let us browse them freely.


Tom Ruff said...

A lot of people think that money is the number one reason people leave their jobs but this post is right on target. In 2001 a study was done that examined approximately 20,000 exit interviews and found that the number one reason people leave their jobs is "poor supervisory behavior.

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Chew said...

Well, I was a victim two years ago and finally there is a forum available to get a sober word out on these individuals. Is it foolproof? Only in a perfect world, so I wouldn't lose much sleep on whether or not a marginal proportion of bosses are getting a fair shake on ebosswatch. First and foremost, bosses always have the upper hand and at this present time there is no legal recourse for most victims of workplace bullying, and as such, this site can only be an invaluable tool in preventing future victims. In most cases, managerial bullies (the terminology "bad bosses" is too sugary) are like chameleons. Painting themselves as caring individuals, and even going as far as “playing” the victim at the hands of some “bad” employee, they will wield their power on a whim. Unlike truly caring people, bullies study their prospects and home in on their “target” with the intent to do injury. Do they work alone? Sometimes. But more times than not, they recruit (called mobbing). Furthermore, there is a big deception out there that thrives on the belief that bullying only happens to the “weak” or the “defective”. Research shows, that most targets of workplace bullying are individuals who hold high ethical standards with the aim to live by them, which is probably why they are targeted. So if one particular profile is predisposed to “gaming” the system… that’s right, you guessed it. And believe me, if after discovery they’re still bent on spreading their misery, all they have to do is vote themselves in a better light and inducing their cohorts accordingly, hence, rendering this site only as the next best thing to passing the Healthy Workplace Bill. This brings me to my next point. Ignorance as to what constitutes abuse of power in no way condones it, and indifference to it when within one's realm of influence, does not exempt culpability. I encourage all to get educated, get real, and help fight for the Healthy Workplace Bill. In the meantime, all we have as victims in preventing future victims is ebosswatch.

Anonymous said...

lithwWe have the worst bosses,Five of the seven have been to anger mangement classes.They cuss you throw things threaten you and the human resourse person backs them up.If you get caught cussing you get canned but if they do it they say they are stressed some have even cussed in weekly meetings.I wish I could change bosses not jobs because I love the work I do.