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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Phishing for the truth on Monster/CareerBuilder

I have to praise Tabatha Marshall. She is a blogger who is really digging deep into these job seeker phishing schemes that we're always hearing about. Over on her blog, her latest post details the steps Monster & CareerBuilder are or are not taking to ensure your resume's privacy.

She's become sort of a defacto investigative reporter on the subject. She praises Monster's efforts by saying:

"...on June 5, the day after writing to Monster, I got a personal reply from Patrick Manzo, their Vice President of Compliance and Fraud Prevention, who was given my email and was happy to make time to chat on the phone. Hooray!

We spoke on on June 6, and after talking with him, I can tell you I feel MUCH better about the measures Monster has in place to protect job seekers."

But she was less happy about CareerBuilder's lack of response:

"I just can’t say the same for CareerBuilder. They chose not to answer. Google the CEO of CB sometime and see what you get. Consider that 80% of emails I receive are spoofed to appear from CareerBuilder, and that only as little as about 10% appear to come from Monster."

She concludes: "Out of the two of them, I think it’s clear who’s watching out for you."

So if you're a job seeker about to post your resume online, just be careful what you wish for. Phishers are trolling the waters of the job search river.


Anonymous said... requires you to post your resume online and CB doesn't, when utilizing their services. (Something to think about)

Anonymous said...

You are not required to post your resume on Monster. If you decide to post a resume you can choose whether or not to show your personal information or to post a resume confidentially.