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Friday, June 22, 2007

40 under 40

Every year across the country local business journals recognize their community of business professionals. Last night I was lucky enough to be recognized as a member of the "40 Under 40" club by my region's business journal. We're a group of forty business people from all sorts of industries who were picked because of our service and achievements in our profession.

For job seekers, awards like these are definitely something you should be trying to add to your accomplishments. They are great for raising your profile in your field and are also great ammunition for your performance review. So seek out local business awards in your area and either nominate yourself or have a colleague nominate you. You just may be a winner.


Dan Schawbel said...


Jacob Share said...

Nice one, Chris. I was going to suggest that you add it to your About Chris page, but you already did - good call.

JibberJobber Guy said...

Congratulations CM - nice to sneak this in before you hit 40 :p

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