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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vault's New Interview Advice Videos

Got the following email that I wanted to share...

Dear Vault Member,

Looking for tips to help you perform your best during interviews?

Vault's interview advice videos let you watch our experts walk you through the job interview process.

With Video on Vault, Vault editors now bring an extra dimension to the award-winning career information we've produced for mor than 10 years. Our videos provide the same carefully researched career advice and information that we've always been known for.

Vault's Video Guide to Guesstimates

Guesstimate questions are often the toughest part of any consulting or finance interview. Watch the guesstimate video to see the right (and wrong) way to answer a guesstimate question.

Interview Dos and Dont's

Do you know what to wear to an interview? How do you answer questions about your background? Do you know how to properly shake hands? What are some fatal interview mistakes? Get the insider tips and learn how to make a good impression at your next job interview!

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