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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No summer job yet? Might be too late

Yesterday one of my job board clients called me. He asked if I knew of any job opportunities for his son who had just returned from college. Unfortunately I didn', but said I would keep my ears open. As I hung up the phone I couldn't help but think why he waited until the last minute to begin his search? Good summer jobs are hard to find. Then I saw this article which echoed the same things.

The bottom line is that you must prepare your job search ahead of time to avoid scenarios like the one above. Especially for college kids. The summer goes by fast and the smart kids already have their work lined up. Procrastination will get you nowhere.

Here's a few links for those of you who waited.

Internships on Indeed

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Bill said...

We at Cool Works (tm) work with seasonal employers across the country. While it's true that some are set for the season, we are hearing from more that they are still struggling to find crew.

It IS late, but there are actually still quite a few summer jobs in great places to be had. Here in Yellowstone you could still grab one. A number of employers from Alaska to the Grand Canyon and Oregon to Maine are also looking for help.

Take a peek at our Help Wanted Now list and have a working adenture this summer.