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Monday, May 21, 2007

Jobs in Chicago

Sales jobs can range anywhere from retail to newspaper advertisements. A person working with retail sales can range in level from a cashier to a manager. A Sales Associate (aka account executive) with a newspaper will sell the advertisements, usually with a commission hoping to maintain a contract and growing relationship with the client.

If you are doing the actual sales pitch, very strong social skills are needed, as well as a callous to rejection. No matter what you say or do you cannot make someone buy something, only do your best to persuade them. A creative mind is advantageous. With that being said, the sales industry can sometimes be unpredictable. You will find it comes in waves, depending on outside circumstances such as the time of the year and activity going on in the area.

A trusted website for jobs in Chicago, Illinois is featuring “Sales” under Chicago’s top industries.

A Yahoo sponsored job search engine, is free and easy to use. You can search by location, industry, using a keyword, or even by the required experience level using the Advanced Search. As of May 18, 2007, there are almost two thousand sales jobs in and around the Chicago area to choose from.

Another strong web page that is exclusively for finding (or posting) a sales job in Chicago, Illinois would be They are interested in getting to know you on a more personal level.

None of these sites charge any money to submit a resume or search for job openings.

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