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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy birthday JibberJobber

Software tends to come and go, but tomorrow is the 1 year birthday of JibberJobber. Jason, the founder just emailed me;

Today is JibberJobber's Birthday Eve! That's right, tomorrow JibberJobber will have been live for 1 full year!

I remember when JibberJobber was born. It's all grown up now, and if you need something to manage your job search this is it.

Happy Birthday JJ. And many more.


JibberJobber Guy said...

Thanks C.M. Many of your newer readers won't know that you did the very first blog interview on JibberJobber... I am indebted to you for welcoming me into this crazy world of employment matters with style!

Jason Alba

Anonymous said...

From the first to the latest: to celebrate the big 1, Jason talked to JobMob for the latest JibberJobber blog interview:

C.M., I bet you enjoyed your conversation with Jason as much as I did.