Secrets of the Job Hunt


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Digg-style Resume Bank

Have you ever wanted to vote on other people's resumes? Well now you can with TalentSpring. It's kind of like Digg, only with resumes. In order to upload your own resume you must rank 12 others first.

I'm not sure job seekers will understand this or even want to evaluate other resumes. Not everything in life has to be voted on. Will this take off? I have my doubts. I give TalentSpring credit for bringing something new to the job search experience but to many it doesn't make sense. Read these responses to see what I mean.


Working Girl said...

I truly believe people spend way too much time fretting about their resumes. Yes, you need one. And, sure, why not post yours on an online job board.

But your chances of actually getting a job this way are next to nothing!

IMHO, the best way to get a job is (and always been) through personal referrals. Use your resume as a sort of calling card after the interview.

What do you think?!

Greg said...

What this'll show is the old "Ask 5 people about your resume, and get 6 different opinions."

I'd like to politely disagree with working girl that a resume is a necessity. It is not, and I am living proof. I have hired people without resumes, and I have gotten myself hired without one.

If we are 21st Century people, then why do we still celebrate a document that speaks exclusively about your past? A resume says what you did for others. It doesn't say what you can do for me the employer.

If anything has to become obsolete, it's got to be the resume.