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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Common Problem of Googling You

Do you suffer from a common name? If you do, it could hurt your chances of being Googled by a prospective employer. This article in yesterdays WSJ illustrates the problem of Googling someone with a common name.

In an age where being unique is more important then ever, the John Smith's of the world have a problem. How do they let recruiters (or anyone for that matter) google them online?

Well to be sure they are at a disadvantage but they can take steps to maximize their exposure.

1. Create a number of online profiles on LinkedIn, Emurse, Jobster, ZoomInfo, Ziggs and Naymz.

2. Start a blog with your name. (i.e. Add a twist to it by including your middle initial/name for a more unique identifier.

3. Got a kid on the way? Make sure they're "goog-a-fiable" by giving them a unique name.

4. Buy keywords. Create an Adsense account and buy your name as keywords and point it to one of your sites or profiles. Ziggs actually does this for you.

Pretty soon we'll be giving kids a Screen Name at birth in addition to their regular

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Michael K, Pate said...

Ziki is another site that will advertise your identity on search engines for you.