Secrets of the Job Hunt


Thursday, April 05, 2007

My top ten interview tips

1. Don't rush as you enter the door. You'll appear more poised and professional if you take your time.

2. Get the person's business card before leaving. You'll need their information in order to follow-up.

3. Have a story to tell about yourself.

4. Be professional but be yourself. Be honest but not blunt.

5. Call the company if you are going to be late. But don't be late!

6. Make eye contact with everyone in the room, especially when you are speaking in front of a group of interviewers.

7. Be impeccably dressed.

8. Have extra copies of your résumé handy in case the interviewer has not yet seen it.

9. Bring a sample of your work to leave behind. It may enhance your chances for getting hired.

10. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

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