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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Job Hunting with JobFox

JobFox is a new job board that tries to connect candidates with employers via a matching system. They used to be known as Market10.

They currently only operate in a few markets such as Washington DC, Silicon Valley and a few others. Jobfox is part of the latest trend in job startups that are trying to use matching technology to solve employers hiring needs. Itzbig is another one that is coming out as well.

It still remains to be seen if these technologies will work. I've always said that recruiting is such a human driven process that technology will never solve the problem of finding the right people.

But that isn't stopping the techies from trying.


Greg Paskill said...

If technology can help expedite the connection between employer and candidate, I'm for it. The Internet has been great for doing research on companies and potential recruits.

However, if it means that using a certain technology will only add more layers of time and bureaucracy, I'll stay low tech. While fellow candidates and employers are out filling profiles trying to find each other, I'll place a few phone calls to people (employer or candidate) who are interested in making money.

Moreover, what many of these technologies lack is the ability to communicate and make decisions and exchanges in real time. Then again, what they may really be pointing to us is how many in this "age of connection" are really saying that they ultimately find people a bother. Not everyone wants to talk to a real-live human, not employer and not candidate the way we're going.

Robin Ogden said...

I like the concept that JobFox is presenting. It is fresh to the job search market although a familiar dating marketing concept. So, should not have a problem attracting people to participate.

I still believe that 'networking' is the best bet when in job search mode (and perhaps dating too!). However, that does not mean one should ignore other alternatives.

Go for it and Good Luck!

Robin Ogden

John said...

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