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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Career Path Series from Jobs in Pods

Since the launch of Jobs in Pods 2 weeks ago I have gotten a tremendous amount of positive feedback for that kind of recruitment format - the ability for employers to talk about their jobs in a real world setting is very appealing to them. Stay tuned for some new jobcasts in the coming weeks.

In addition to podcasting jobs, we are also starting a series of podcasts called "Career Paths". These short interviews with recruiters will explore different career paths from today's job market and give you an inside look at working in that field. Today's career path podcast features careers as an Executive Assistant.

I'm also seeking other recruiters to interview for this series. So please email me if you would like to appear in one. If you recruit in some of the following fields: sales, IT, accounting, health care, engineering, marketing, advertising or any other growing profession send an email to chris at

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