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Friday, March 02, 2007

Brief History of Job Boards

John Sumser, a recruiting industry icon has a cool series going about that history of online job search. Here's a snippet;

Dice began its existence as a computer and modems in a bedroom in Silicon Valley. There had been other job-board-like activities (including the AOL/Gonyea experiments). Before the advent of the world wide web, the "BBS" systems crowded the marketplace with small communities that often included jobs. Usenet, a part of the original DARPA backbone, always carried job ads.

In 1994/1995/1996, there were a few emerging job board systems. CareerMosaic was a development from the Hodes crowd in Silicon Valley. Monster emerged a little later in the game. OCC (the Online Career Center) was founded by Bill Warren (who now operates Direct Employers). There was an operation called HEART, the first owner of the domain. Jeff Hunter's initial venture, Intellimatch, was building business and showing a different path. Net Temps was in the fray. (These links are interesting historical views courtesy of the Wayback machine)

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