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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Secrets to career longevity: Always Be Learning

Glengarry Glen Ross is one of my all time favorite movies. Between that and Wall Street, it's hard to find two better movies about the drama of business.

I wrote about Bud Fox's Wall Street job hunt here. But there's a scene in Glengarry which really sticks in my head. Alec Baldwin plays a "motivational" speaker to a group of downtrodden sales reps and he just captures the movie with his 8 minute performance.

Anyway, he recites the phrase A...B...C...Always Be Closing.

Got me thinking that for your career you must recite A...B...L...Always Be Learning.

If you want your career to prosper and make yourself always in demand, you must continue to educate yourself throughout your ENTIRE career.

Gone are the days of our parents where the corporation gave you a pension at the end of a 30 year career. Today's job market demands that you must be flexible, willing to adapt. Employers seek those who can learn quickly. Learning is the key to your career success.

Consider yourself a free agent for the rest of your life. Always strive to better your skills. Take a class, read a book, find a mentor.

Always Be Learning.

Now for your entertainment, here's that famous scene courtesy of Youtube. It's the "R" rated version so don't play it too loud if you're at work.

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