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Monday, January 01, 2007

Top Buzz words for 2007

Top trendspotter Marian Salzman and slang guru Grant Barrett ( foresee these top slang terms for 2007.

Adultescents: Young adults who won't grow up — or move out.

Alpha moms: Mothers who are strong, decision-making multitaskers.

Data Valdez: Personal private info accidentally released online.

Fling a craving on: Cause someone to desire something, such as food.

Gastroporn: The glorification of food.

God wink: An incident that seems to indicate presence of a higher power.

Hummer house: Grotesquely large single-family residence.

Litter on a stick: Billboards, signs and ads.

MAWG: Middle-aged white guy. (Still not hip.)

Peerents: Parents who are friends to their kids.

3,000-mile screwdriver: Micromanagement from the home office.

Trailing spouse: Husband or wife who follows a partner to a job in a new city.

1 comment:

Recruiting Animal said...

Never heard of some of those words. And since it's me talkin', how much currency can they have, really? And what about Grinfuck? Now, that's a word.