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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New salary tool: SalaryScout

"SalaryScout is a network of users seeking fairness in compensation and benefits. Discover your true value in the marketplace and demand what you're worth."

This is one of those web 2.0 sites which rely on users to generate their content. You can even get salary information via RSS which is a neat way of keeping track of your salary range. According to their site they are different because, "SalaryScout allows you to view real jobs and real salaries, which can provide you with greater leverage during negotiation."

The service is completely confidential.

Other sites like this include WageExchange.

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Shelly Lennon said...

starting to look like we have a plethora of web2.0 community, etc sites that offer such personal reports. My preferred one is where you can get pretty cool visualizations as well as access (and ranking) for the relevant profiles.