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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

JobVent: love it or hate it

Want to vent or rave about your job? Well now there's JobVent:

"Inside Information About the Jobs and Employers we Love and Hate"

It's a user generated site that features reviews of jobs online at companies. It's getting to a point where employers are going to have to hire someone just to troll sites like this and tecross to find and fight the digital dirt being spewed on them.


Derek said...

There's another site out there called Job Jabber ( It does the same thing but it has a much nicer design and more features.

Reddy said...

You may wish to review This is a site where you can only join if you have a company email address. In this way, your remarks and comments at least stay inside company walls.
Give us a try

theworkreview said... is cleaner and easier to use than the rest, with a focus on unbiased data. In other words, less ranting, more actual reviewing.