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Friday, December 08, 2006

Worksolver: new job search tool

Another new job search management tool is on the scene. Check out Worksolver.

According to their President, AveryAbramovitch, here's how they are positioning it:

"Born and bred from a panel of experienced job seekers, Worksolver differs from other management tools in its simplicity and ease of use. We've stripped out the unnecessary clicks, excluded rarely-used features, and focused on what's important.

Based on the principle that people, places and activities involved in a job search are reusable and interconnected, Worksolver allows job seekers to quickly and easily link companies, contacts, postings, activities and files together. What results is an organized networking story that helps job seekers track their progress, guide their actions and ultimately stay one step ahead of the game."

I spent some time on the site yesterday and while it is easy to use, it doesn't offer anything different than other tools in this space. JibberJobber and tools like Isabont have more features. But if you are looking for something simple to manage your job search it certainly won't hinder your efforts. For a complete tour of the tool go to their tutorial. There is no free version, pricing starts at $9.95 at one month.

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Jason Alba said...

CM - thanks for bringing this new company to my attention. It is clear with others in this space that many people are beginning to take it seriously. WorkSolver has some neat things to help organize a job search.

One note (shameless plug?) is that JibberJobber has a very functional "free" version, because professionals need this information for their entire career, not just 6 months during a job search. I predict that "free" will be common in the next few months as newer companies try and work these things out.