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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Video Job Matching Service to debut in 2007

A new video resume job board will launch next month, its called JobMatchPro. According to the press release;

"It will allow users to post resumes and search for job openings world-wide, but also both job seekers and employers can post video to accompany their resumes or job openings published on the site. By including video along with the traditional text resume profiles, job seekers will be able to give potential employers a better sense of who they are, demonstrating their creativity or sharing their skills by example. Employers who post positions will be able to detail the job offering with specific interview questions while sharing the environment, workspace, or location of a specific job."

Call it the YouTube effect. We're starting to see these video sites pop up. Last month GiggedUp launched based on a similar concept. I think it may be just a matter of time before the big guys like CareerBuilder also get into the act by offering some form of video resumes/video job openings. While I do think video resumes are here to stay, it will still be some time before they go mainstream.


KHavel said...

At Spherion, we have been using video interviews for quite some time now. Qualified candidates would have their interviews recorded at a Spherion office and sent to a potential employer for a specific open position.

Hiring managers liked it because it gave a much more revealing look at job candidates (how many times has a resume looked great, but the candidate doesn't impress?) and it helped speed up the hiring process.

Speeding up the hiring process is getting more and more important in this tight labor market and I think you are right in saying that video resumes/interviews are here to stay. But will they become more than a novelty to corporate America? Time will tell...

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Anonymous said...

That's correct. Many job portals will get into video resumes. But this still leaves the applicant alone with the technical challenge of creating a video and include it into a traditional online application. This is the solution we offer to our users: It consists of the video and all traditional documents. All information are presented on a personal URL for the applicant.