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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Professional Resume Writers

Resume writers are an eclectic bunch. As I sat among a few dozen of them at the Career Directors conference last week, I discerned some common traits shared by most.

Theyr'e an older crowd, many are quirky and shy. A few are the most chatty people you will ever meet. Everyone at this conference was married and their were even a few married couple writing teams.

'Cutting-edge' or 'web-savvy' are not words I would use to describe them. But one thing they all share is a PASSION for writing and helping job seekers. And they are GOOD at what they do. They can take a boring piece of white paper and turn it into an attractive, eye-catching document that can stop a hiring manager in her tracks. They help to clarify, focus and present yourself in the best light possible.

So if your'e thinking about writing your own resume, forget it. Hire a professional resume writer and let them work their magic. Resume writing is an art not a science. Let these artists paint the picture of you.

To find a resume writer here's a few good links of note;


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Jason Alba said...

CM, I agree with the idea of not writing your own resume. I didn't know any (I didn't look), and I wasn't about to pay a few hundred bucks... so I did my own. I got input from execs in my family, friends in HR, etc. It looked just fine.

But, I had a few things on my resume that precluded me from getting interviews - and this is something that I realized after I saw a video on effective resumes! Only a resume expert would have been able to pick out the issue for me! It is worth the money.