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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Best Buy Tries a New Way to Work

Now here's a company I would want to work for.

A workforce experiment at Best Buy's headquarters allows employees to decide how, when and where they get the job done. It's called Best Buy's Results-Only Work Environment, or ROWE and its making waves in the HR industry.

Just read this example;

Gone are the days when Hance needed to spend morning until night seated in a cubicle surrounded by papers and charts he'd carefully arranged to ensure that co-workers and bosses who peeked in would see he was hard at work. At Best Buy, he's free to set his own schedule, to work wherever he wants---whether it's a desk at headquarters or a table in a coffee shop---and whatever days and hours he chooses.

"It used to be that I had to schedule my life around my work," he says. "Now, I schedule my work around my life."

You can read the full article here >>


Dennis Smith said...

Holy Smoke! I never thought I'd see Best Buy leading the way in terms of best place to work practices.

This is very cool -


C.M Russell said...

I know, ...its not even 'outside the box'... it's 'out of this world' thinking.

Kudos to them for trying such a innovative way to work.