Secrets of the Job Hunt


Friday, September 22, 2006

Job Hunting is a Skill

Job hunting is a skill just like any other in your personal toolkit.

Your job search skills must be honed and sharpened throughout your career. You must be one step ahead of the game at all times. It takes practice and persistence to master the hunt.

Use the web's only career advice search engine to stay ahead of the job search curve!


Jessica Hopkins said...

How does this site compare to ones like

C.M Russell said...

CHIMBY is a vertical search engine that lets you search over 300 career advice sites at once.

We crawl the sites of career coaches, career blogs and other media sources in order to provide the best answers to your career advice questions. Each source is hand-picked to ensure fresh, relevant results from an exclusive club of career advice experts. is among the kind of sites we crawl.

MaryHelen said...

Haven't yet taken time to thoroughly explore CHIMBY, but I have to comment: no matter what information is out there, I'm still faced each day with candidates and job seekers who aren't putting any effort into their search.

why monster? "because it's easy and everyone's doing it"
why craigslist? "Because it's free and easy and everyone's doing it"
why not blogging? "because i don't get it"

so it has become evident to me that you can crawl and compile all you want, but you can't make them drink...