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Monday, September 18, 2006

House hunting or Job Hunting at Work

So what do employees search for at work? Well... House hunting, job hunting and wedding searches top internet use while at their keyboards.

ScanSafe, a web security firm, just released a report whose findings include data that reveals interesting differences in workplace Web use in the UK and US to search for a job, find a home and plan a wedding.

"More than one in 50 Web pages requested by employees while at work were house hunting or job search web sites."

Here are some other details about the report;

- Workers in the UK are six times more likely to use the Web to visit estate agency sites to buy or rent a home than their US counterparts. In total, the company processed approximately 72 million Web requests for house hunting related sites in August.

- US workers are six times more likely to use the Web to look for a new job than their counterparts in the UK. The company reported it processed approximately 3.5 million Web requests for job search sites in August.

- UK workers are twice as likely to visit wedding-related sites during the work day as US workers.

"Getting married, finding a job and looking for a home are three major life-changing events and it's interesting to see how these impact work habits between the two cultures," said Eldar Tuvey, CEO and co-founder, ScanSafe. He added that the differences in Web usage to find a home, for example, may reflect the recent cooling-off of the US housing market.

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