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Monday, August 07, 2006

Job Search Tool:

Here's another job search tool for you job search junkies. Its called Job Search Log. Seems to be fairly similar to Jibber Jobber in terms of functionality. All features are free. Here's what they offer;

-Bookmark the Job Sources you visit often and the Search Criteria you use
-Record an unlimited number of Ads you are interested in
-Keep Track of Jobs you apply for including the Contact Information, Status of the Job, and -History of each Job Record including correspondence history
-Create customized Cover, Cold Call and Thank You Letters.
-Create Company Records for Networking or Cold Calling and view Company History.
-Send your "mail merged" letters by email or print them to mail or fax.
-Generate reports on your Job Search activities (coming soon) which could be used for your Job -Search reporting to your State or Province Unemployment Department

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