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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

CHIMBY: the gateway to career advice

I get a lot of questions by job seekers seeking career advice. Many of them seem clueless where to begin their search. Because of the myriad of choices available online, they are often paralyzed by choices.

Today I am announcing help in the form of CHIMBY, the internet's first ever search engine for career advice.

It's just like Indeed or Simply Hired except that you won't find jobs on CHIMBY. What you will find is the web's best collection of career advice.

CHIMBY indexes traditional career sites like Career Journal and QuintCareers, ...job blogs such as Career Hub and other career media sources like Business Week's online career section.

The power of CHIMBY is it's simplicity. It allows you to search ALL these sites at once.

Today there are over 200 career sites in the CHIMBY index. Almost 100,000 pages of content are available to search. I've even created "pre-defined" topical searches to make it easy for you. Here's a sample search on resume mistakes.

If your site or blog is listed in our directory, get the "Recommended by CHIMBY" image.

I'll be adding even more career content over the coming months. But for now enjoy CHIMBY, the gateway to career advice.

You'll find entry level jobs at

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