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Friday, July 21, 2006

Writing skills key to career success

I've blogged about how job candidates writing/communication skills are declining. Now here's proof it could hurt your career.

A new survey conducted by the National Commission on Writing affirms that no matter your field or position, your ability to communicate using the written word plays a major role in career success.

Other findings include;

- In a survey of executives by Robert Half International, more than one-third cited typos and grammatical mistakes as the most common resume errors.

- Strong writing skills are even more important for higher-level positions: In a poll by The Wall Street Journal and Harris Interactive, the top complaint about MBA students among recruiters was inferior communication skills.

- In a separate Robert Half International survey, 71 percent of executives said they use e-mail as their primary mode of interaction, underscoring that more people are communicating via the keyboard than ever before.

Here's the article

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