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Monday, July 24, 2006

New Staffing Report Details Job Seeker Frustrations

Ok recruiters and hiring managers, has a new report out that details job seeker frustrations. Christy Risser-Milne, Managing Director of was kind enough to give me a deeper look into the Staffing Performance Report.

Here's a quick list of a few things that job seekers are unhappy about as they enter the interview process. These job seekers were not asked which industries they were part of, so this is across the board information.

1. Nearly half (47%) of respondents were frustrated with a distinct lack of communication and appropriate follow-up from organizations. It's theclassic, "I thought I had a great interview, but they never called back orresponded to my queries about the process" situation.

2. Nearly two-thirds (62.7%) of respondents found the clarity of the job requirements and descriptions sorely lacking and labeled themselvesDissatisfied. An additional 16.3% were Very dissatisfied by thosedescriptions and requirements.

3. 16% of respondents found the interview experience to be lacking overall. More specifically, 62.8% were either Dissatisfied or VeryDissatisfied with the scheduling and processing of their interview. Only4.8% said they were Very Satisfied with the interview scheduling andprocessing.

4. The recruiting function as a whole came off badly for most Job Seekers.More than two-thirds (69.7%) were Dissatisfied or Very Dissatisfied with the recruiting function. Suggestions for Recruiters and Organizations included:

A. Communicate what you're looking for and what goes with it.
B. Stay in touch
C. Be honest - candidates can deal with rejection
D. Stop hiding behind technology

Christy adds, "As you can see, there's much room for improvement, but part of the purpose of the surveys and reports we construct and create, is to inform employers and recruiters in order to encourage and empower them to do better. In a perfect world, our organization would become obsolete because every employer, recruiter, job seeker, and employee out there is working to his orher best potential."

About the report: The Staffing Performance Report breaks out 13 industry specific reports containing the latest information to help organizations compare their performance data with their competitors. Hundreds of employees and job seekers also lent their experiences, positive and negative, to provide a fuller snapshot of surviving the work-a-day world. According to the report, 40% of organizations surveyed, measure New Hire Quality – a drastic improvement from seven years ago when less than 2% measured their performance. That number is expected to increase as quality remains the top priority for over half of organizations surveyed.

The report is 69 pages and is available for purchase here;

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