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Thursday, July 27, 2006

New job hunting rule: the subject line must sell

Here's a link to an article from the Globe and Mail but I've pulled out the best part for job seekers...

Sell yourself in the subject line
This will grab the recruiter's attention as he or scrolls through a long list of messages on a PDA. Always state your name in the subject line, advises Paula Rankin, Toronto-based director of human resources for the Americas for Plano, Tex.-based MetaSolv Software Inc..

Putting your name in the subject line allows recruiters to scroll through e-mails quickly in search of your application, she says. As well, specify your sector and title, Mr. Rosin adds. For example, "CFO of industrial public company is ideal," he says. It could pay off in moving an application along: if Mr. Rosin is on the road when he sees that, he can forward the application to the appropriate person.

It's also always worth stating if someone has referred you, he says. "A power referral carries more weight. I will definitely read on."

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