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Monday, July 17, 2006

Job Seeker Misfits: the Voicemail

Occasionally I get voicemails from misguided job seekers. Here's the transcript of my most recent one.

CALLER: "Yes my name is ___________. I'm calling in regards to the Outside Sales Rep position listed on your web site. Please give me a call at __________. Thank you very much."


Thats it? Thats supposed to impress me? Lets forget the fact that I run a job board not a recruiting firm, so I can't help him with the job anyway. It's hard to have sympathy for these 'misfit' job seekers. With the amount of job hunting advice now available online and offline there's really no excuse for not educating oneself on the latest job search tips and tricks.

My friends, there are rules for leaving a voicemail for a hiring manager. First you need to figure out who the right person is and then you need to sell them on why they should call you back.

Here's a few resources I found (with the click of my mouse in 1 minute) about voicemail etiquette.

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Voice Mail Tips To Get Mega-Call Backs

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