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Friday, June 23, 2006

A Google Powered Job Board is a new national job board that recently launched. It's 'powered by Google'. I didn't realize Google was in the business of powering job boards... After all, they have their own classified system in Google Base. My guess is they are using one of Google's search appliances to make the "powered by" claim.

The site claims to offer "direct connection" to jobs on the employers' website but from what I can tell the site is a mix of listings from company websites and other job sites. I found a job from Spherion that appears to have come from Monster. Overall they claim to have 2.3 million listings indexed.

So does the job search world need another national job baord? I think not. This one reminds me too much of FlipDog. Jobseekers are better served by sites like Indeed, Jobster and SimplyHired which are the ultimate solutions for job hunting online.

They do have a nice blog though called Watercooler Wisdom.

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Shannon Seery said...

We just did a post on this on our EXCELER8ion blog as well. I think the model of pay-for-performance is interesting and if nothing else - the big boards might adopt this approach in the future.

As far as I can tell - the jobs on DO only come from the corporate careers site - not from job boards. In the Spherion case - Monster powers the backend of their careers section on their website - so that is why it looks like a monster posting. Monster sells Careers site hosting & Monster Applicant Tracking as a product.

I am interested in gethejob's "powered by Google" claim and the use of the Google logo as it does make it appear as though they have some sort of a relationship with Google (more than what it probably is anyway).

Their design looks like Jobster, but I agree - they do have a decent blog.