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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Watching the Career Channel

I haven't met too many career coaches as web savvy as Sue Morem. Her latest podcasts on job hunting are as close as you can get to watching the "Career Channel". She recently interviewed me for a new book she's writing so I thought I'd return the favor and tell job seekers to watch her latest video snippets on how to interview. In Episode 3, "Jamie's Interview" Sue lets you watch an actual interview and then critiques the candidates responses.

In an online world where many career coaches exist only to sell you something, it's nice to see professionals like Sue offering these interesting and informative podcasts.

And if anyone out there wants to to start a new cable channel, call me.


Canadian Headhunter said...

Sue Morem's site seems to be down. I tried to access it via Google as well

C.M Russell said...

Its up now...