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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Monster's Resume Secrets

Came across these tips today...good tricks for those of you using Monster.

If you've received poor response from your online career site submissions, you'll soon change all that because here's a secret that most folks don't even know about. Today, we're going to use a Recruiter's Secret and use specific, pre-selected keywords. Were going to build a more effective online profile that will draw far more responses from Monster ® and other online sites.
So, lets get started.

Once you register on Monster®, choose: "Build Your Resume Online".

They allow you to set up 5 different resumes or profiles. Let's just set one up for now. There are only 5 major areas that we will be concerned with here:

1. Target Job Title
2. Objective
3. Resume Title
4. Job Title
5. Work Experience

Tip: every one of these fields has keyword capability, so you must use each of these areas to the fullest extent by including as many keywords as are relevant, for example:

Target Job Title: 2,880 character limit. That's almost 4/5's of a page, if you were to fill it up! List as many different job titles as you can imagine for this role. List other closely allied titles that the searcher may be searching on. For instance, "Java Programmer" might also be titled as "Software Engineer", "Application Developer", or "Software Developer" within even the same corporation, not to mention other companies. How many different but similar titles can you come up with? Put them all here.

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