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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Going Head to Head Vs. Craigslist

Ok, so here's one for the recruiters out there. Normally I dont post items for the HR side but I felt compelled to share this 'case study' with you.

Every year I hire a webmaster intern to assist me with my network of regional job boards. I posted the job on which is the top local job board in Connecticut. Then about a week ago I posted the same job on Craigslist >> Fairfield County. I wanted to give the job a little more exposure and since everyone says Craigslist returns quality applicants I figured I'd spend the $25 bucks and see what happens.

Well, a funny thing happened along the way. In the past week I received exactly 6 résumés from the Craigslist posting.

1 was from a person in California: did they think I was going to relocate them for a $12/hr summer job?

4 were from people in Russia: do they think every job in the U.S. should be outsourced?

1 was from a guy in Ireland: well, at least it wasn't Russian.

The job on brought in 3 fully qualified local resumes.

I interviewed 2 of the candidates.

I hired the 2nd candidate. He starts today.

It's surprising to me that Craigslist performed so poorly, especially for an IT position. Has the popularity of Craigslist become a detriment to employers posting on it? Have other firms gotten similar results? I invite your comments...

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