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Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Tidbits from the Job Hunting World is one of the top 10 career advice sites on the web today. And for good reason. They've been around for 10 years and provide some of the best articles and information on job hunting. A perfect example of their usefulness is their Job Search Tutorial.

Job search evolving on Web
Q. I’m in a good job now, but, at 37, I see a new generation of competitors over my shoulder — clinging to their iPods and instant-messaging each other all day — and I’m wondering about a new generation of technology in the job market. In job hunting, what must I know to upgrade as the world moves on? — W.V.P.

A. Think back to when, a dozen years or so ago, some of your co-workers were amazed — or disbelieving — that people like me were insisting the Internet had made it possible to put one’s resume in the hands of employers all over the country ... instantly! (

In Demand: Employment Agencies for 50-Plus
WHEN Verizon Communications decided to close down Douglas S. Burch's department, nudging him into early retirement after 27 years on the job, he had no complaints. "I decided to take the money and run," said Mr. Burch, 54, a software designer. He renovated his home in Alexandria, Va. But after two years, he said, "I was getting bored." One night as he was flipping channels, he saw an ad for Senior Employment Resources, a placement service in Annandale, Va., that specializes in jobs for older workers. He made an appointment, filled out a form and 19 days later began a new career handling insurance claims. (NYT) says summer jobs will be plentiful but won’t pay much. A poll of national restaurant and service company chains revealed optimistic hiring plans, but the employers said they expected to have more than enough applicants, so there won’t be any upward pressure on wages.

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