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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Developing Career Resiliency

Consider these words for a moment;

"Career resiliency is the ability to remain employable in the midst of the constant changes in today's job market," said Devin Ryder, senior consultant for career management at Harvard's Office of Human Resources. "It's a person's ability to adapt and change in the workplace as needed, including a willingness to keep updating one's skills," she added.

According to Ryder, staff members with career resiliency develop diverse skills and knowledge that can help them climb the professional ladder, move around an organization, or assume a new role in their current job. Such employees keep up with trends in their chosen career, are curious about new knowledge and opportunities, and make the effort to network and build relationships.

The folks at Harvard sure know what it takes to have a successful careeer. Unfortunately most job seeekers don't seem to realize this fact. The above statement perfectly summarizes what it takes to always be always be in demand.

A person in today's workforce should never stop learning. Along the way you must build your network and forge relationships with your colleagues. Do this and you'll never have to worry about finding your next job.

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