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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Decline a job offer? What to do when you change your mind.

A friend of mine with an MBA, surprised me today by saying he had taken a new job, a few weeks after declining it.

Apparently after having more time to think about it, he decided to take the next step in his career rather than standing pat at his current position - which, although challenging, was not offering him a chance to take on new responsibilities.

So he contacted the recruiter he was working with and found out that the position was still open. They had interviewed several other candidates but none fit the bill. He asked the recruiter to call them back and say he was interested in the job after all - if they were still interested in him.

Turns out, they were, although not without reservations.

The jobseeker had a problem. How to explain away the fact he had originally turned it down. This time the company brought in the VP of Finance to interview him and gauge his response. If he didn't word it carefully they would see right thru him.

The VP of course was naturally distrustful but my friend provided a deft, thoughtful answer that convinced the VP to hire him on the spot. With the first job offer they had only given my friend a few days to accept it. He was offered the job on a friday and had to give an answer by monday 10am. Not wanting to rush his decision he decided to decline the offer and stay with the "devil" he already knew.

So when asked why he changed his mind he said this: "I didn't have enough time to think about the offer. It came too soon, too fast. I'm not someone who rushes to judgment when it comes to my career so I couldn't accept it while faced with a deadline."

The VP pressed him further by asking: We need someone who can make solid business decisions and many times you have to make them quickly. Is this how you make all of your business decisions?, he asked.

"No", said my friend, "its the type of decision I've only had to make 4 times in my career. I wouldn't be here if I couldn't make quick business decisions..."

Later that afternoon he was offered the job again, and this time he accepted.

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