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Thursday, March 23, 2006

ZoomInfo Adds More Benefits for Jobseekers

If you haven't posted your personal profile on ZoomInfo yet then you will soon be missing out on the chance to be found by recruiters everywhere. They just added a candidate search tool that allows hiring managers/recruiters to get qualified, interested candidates directly to their inbox.

Zoom Information., the search engine for discovering people, companies and relationships, has accelerated and simplified the process of targeting, communicating with and qualifying potential candidates. ZoomInfos flagship product PowerSearch can now be purchased with JobCast , an integrated email and campaign management platform. Unlike traditional job boards that often deliver heaps of unqualified resumes, JobCast automates the candidate targeting process by giving recruiters the power to select exact matches from over 29 million business professionals and allowing potential candidates to self-select and pre-qualify themselves for specific positions. JobCast additionally has an automated referral mechanism to help recruiters tap into external referral networks and fill pipelines for future openings.

Source: interbiznet Bugler

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