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Monday, March 27, 2006

Free Resume Advice from One of the Best Resume Writers Around

Digging through my old desk today I found a book that once was my resume writing bible. It was called Resume Pro: The Professionals Guide by Yana Parker. In my earlier career I moonlighted as a resume writer and Yana's book and monthly newsletter were my prized possesions when I needed advice on a resume I was writing.

Since then Yana has published more books so I thought I would heep some praise on her and tell my readers that her website is a great place for finding resume tips and advice. In particular you will find:


CE Reid said...


You have an excellent resource blog. Your writing style tells me you have been around the block a couple of 3 times in the job search arena. I appreciate your years of experience. I will let my readers know about your blog, with a link from my blog and sprinkles of references with future articles.

Keep up the good work!! People desparately need what you have to offer.

C. E. Reid

Anonymous said...

Dear Reid,
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