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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Job Search Plugins from the top job search vertical site has released new plugins for Firefox and Google Desktop users. Take advantage of them...

For our Firefox users ….

Job Search Plugin
You can now add Indeed job search to the search engine menu in the top right corner of your Firefox browser. To install the plugin, just click on the link ‘Indeed Job Search’ on this page.
To run a search after installing it, select ‘Indeed Job Search’ in the search engine menu on your Firefox browser, enter keywords followed by a location in the search box - e. g. marketing in san jose - and hit Enter.

Job Search Favelet
Drag this link: IndeedThis to your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar. When browsing any website, select any text on a page, then click ‘Indeed This’ on your toolbar and it performs a job search with those terms.

Google Desktop
If you use Google Desktop Search, you can track your Indeed job searches using our Job Search Plug-in for Google Desktop Sidebar. Once you’ve installed the plug-in, just enter your search query and location, and matching jobs will automatically appear in your sidebar as we find them.


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