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Friday, February 24, 2006

Here's a Jobseeker I can appreciate

In my position as a job board manager/owner I come across many job seekers in my day-to-day activities. Most of them however don't really understand how to market themselves. Yesterday I was contacted by a jobseeker looking for work and although I wasn't hiring I was impressed enough with his efforts that I wanted to share it with you as an example of a jobseeker who 'gets it'.

The subject of his email was: An Ideal Candidate

His email contained the following letter;

Dear Mr. Russell:

Are you seeking a talented marketing expert with a solid record of accomplishment of success and contributions to the organizations he has worked for? If so, you will want to review the enclosed resume.

Building corporate value is my expertise... value measured in aggressive strategic marketing in existing and new market sectors. Whether challenged to launch the startup of a new business unit or product, or to introduce innovative marketing programs for repositioning or branding purposes. I have achieved results.

Generating a salient brand, developing unique and prevailing bonds with consumers, providing effective marketing programs to the organization, and incrementing sales is where my expertise and enthusiasm lies.

My critical marketing and revenue-generation strengths and contributions include the following:

· Constructing relevant and differentiated marketing programs.

· Understanding channels of distribution and the use of hybrid channels.

· Identifying opportunities to reposition uncompetitive-limited market products.

· Using in-depth experience in the marketing planning process for successful product launches.

I am a forward thinking and effective team player who does not hesitate to roll his sleeves and get the job done. As an experienced, executive with more that 10 years of progressive and stable experience I believe this determination-combined with exceptional skills in marketing, promotions, business development, and executive relationship management-has enabled my successes to date, and that in turn I can offer to your client.

Chris, I invite you to review the attached resume, which further outlines the value I can offer your client.

I realize you must be inundated with resumes –some good, some not- and find it increasingly difficult to decide top talent. As such, I strongly encourage a preliminarily meeting by phone following your review of my resume, to discuss how I can contribute to the growth of your organization’s bottom line and that of your clients’.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I certainly look forward to exploring an opportunity further.


Larry Lambert

So if anyone needs a talented marketing expert here's his resume.

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